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Multistate Bar Exam Update

Hugh Reed, CEO and Founder of Reed Law Group, Ltd and, takes the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) virtually every time it is offered, unlike most other bar review lecturers.  The MBE has undergone many changes recently and he has a lot to report!

While we are prohibited from disclosing copyrighted materials, we will continue to stress relevant testing points to our students and what you need to know in order to be successful on the MBE:

Remember, the MBE is the most important part of your examination and most often it determines whether or not you’ll be successful on your bar examination! 

There were many changes on this past MBE, most significantly in Criminal Procedure.  Students are encouraged to study with only realistic materials, not with what some law professor who may never have taken the MBE thinks is important. 
Because up to 60 questions out of 200 are repeat questions on the MBE for statistical equating purposes and most students will pass or fail their MBE by only a couple of points – even fractions of points, every point is critical to your success!

Reed Bar Review will teach you how to beat the test!!!

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